List of Nouns

Noun is the word that is used to name a person , a place, an animal or an Idea. Following is a List of over 1,000 Nouns.

List of Adverbs

An adverb is a word that can modify a verb , an adjective , another adverb or a phrase. An adverb indicates manner, time, place, cause, or degree and answers […]

List of adjectives

An adjective is a word that modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective usually precedes the noun or the pronoun which it modifies. […]

List of Saarc Summits

List of SAARC Summits

Following is a list of summits of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Under the charter of SAARC it is mandatory for the head of states of member countries […]

List of Dog Species

Folowing is a list of dog species in the world. Puggle Weimaraner Norwefian Lundhound Irish Red and White Setter Shetland Sheepdog Puli Rat Terrier Border Collie Bull Terrier Flat Coated […]

List of Animals

Creating a complete list of animals is almost impossible. There are hundreds of thousands of species of animals inhabit this earth, and many of them have to be discovered yet. […]

List of Sports

Following is a list of the most renowned and popular sports played in various parts of the world. Archery Auto Racing Badminton Baseball Basketball Biathlon Bird Watching Bobsleigh Bocce Ball […]

List of US Presidents

A complete list of the Presidents of the United States in chronological order. George Washington (1789-97) John Adams, 1797-1801 (Federalist) Thomas Jefferson, 1801-9 (Democratic-Republican) James Madison, 1809-17 (Democratic-Republican) James Monroe, […]

List of Religions

Following are the most common and popular religions of the world. Aladura Asatru Atheism Baha’i Faith Buddhism Cao Dai Chinese Religion Chopra Center Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) Christian Science Confucianism […]

List of Phobias

1 Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing. 2 Acarophobia- Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. 3 Acerophobia- Fear of sourness. 4 Achluophobia- Fear of darkness. 5 […]