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List of Dog Species

Folowing is a list of dog species in the world. Puggle Weimaraner Norwefian Lundhound Irish Red and White Setter Shetland Sheepdog Puli Rat Terrier Border Collie Bull Terrier Flat Coated Retriever Bearded Collie Chesapeak Bay Retriever German Shepard Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Basset Hound Beagle Bloodhound Toy Poodle Toy Terrier Chow Chow Great Dane Dalmation Havanese Italian Greyhound Japanese Chin King Charles Spaniel Maltese Miniature Pinscher Papillion Pekingese Pomeranain Pug Poodle Miniature Poodle Boston Terrier Akita French Bulldog Siberian Husky St. Bernard Greyhound Irish Wolfhound Finish Spitz Espanol Foxhound Australian Silky Terrier Canadian Eskimo Dog Bullmastiff Boxer chinuahua Afghan Hound Rottweiler Doberman Doberman Pinscher Hovawart Feild Spanial Braid Brittnay Spaniel West Highland Terrier Polish Lowland Sheepdog German Shorthaired Pointer Belgian Sheepdog Miniature Bull Terrier Scottish Terrier Australian Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Jack Russell Terrier Lakeland Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Border Terrier Cairn Terrier Golden Retriever Gordon Setter Welsh Corgi Norwhich Terrier American Water Spaniel Irish Terrier Parson Russell Terrier   … Read entire article »

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List of Animals

Creating a complete list of animals is almost impossible. There are hundreds of thousands of species of animals inhabit this earth, and many of them have to be discovered yet. Below is a list of few animals known to man. Adélie penguin African elephant American beaver American bison American black bear American moose Amphibians Amur leopard Animals Arctic wolf Arthropoods Asiatic elephant Atlantic puffin Atlantic white-sided dolphin Aye-aye Badger, European Bar-headed goose Barn owls Bats Beaver, American Birds Birds of prey Bison, American Black rhinoceros Black-footed ferret Blue-footed booby Blue whale Bobcat Bornean orangutan Bottlenose dolphin Brown bear Burchell’s zebra Caecilians California sea hare Canada goose Canids Caracal Caribou Carnivores Cartilaginous fishes Cats Cetaceans Cheetah Chordates Cichlids Cnidaria Common dolphin Common seal Crocodilians Dugong Dusky dolphin Echinoderms Eland antelope Elephants Eurasian lynx European badger European common toad European robin Even-toed ungulates Firefish Frigatebirds Frogs and toads Galapagos land iguana Galapagos tortoise Gastropods, slugs and snails Gavial Giant anteater Giant panda Giraffe Golden-crowned sifaka Gorilla Gray whale Great white shark Greater flamingo Green poison dart frog Green sea turtle Hammerhead sharks Hares, rabbits and pikas Hawksbill sea turtle Herons, storks, ibises and spoonbills Hippopotamus Hummingbirds Hyenas Irrawaddy dolphin Ivory-billed woodpecker Jellyfish Koala Komodo Dragon Lava lizard Leatherback sea turtle Lemurs, monkeys, and apes Leopard Lion Lionfish Lizards, amphisbaenians and snakes Lobe-finned fishes Loggerhead turtle Manatees Marine iguana Marsupials Meerkat Mollusks Monarch … Read entire article »

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List of Sports

Following is a list of the most renowned and popular sports played in various parts of the world. Archery Auto Racing Badminton Baseball Basketball Biathlon Bird Watching Bobsleigh Bocce Ball Body Building Boomerang Bowling Boxing Bull Fighting Canoeing Caving Chess Cricket Crochet Cross Country Running Cross Country Skiing Curling Cycling Darts Decathlon Diving Dog Sledding Dog Training Down Hill Skiing Equestrian Falconry Fencing Figure Skating Fishing Flag Football Foosball Football Fox Hunting Golf Gymnastics Handball Hang Gliding High Jump Hiking Hockey Horseback Riding Horseshoes Hot Air Ballooning Hunting Ice Hockey Ice Skating Inline Skating Jai Alai Judo Jump Roping Karate Kayaking Knee Boarding Lacrosse Land Sailing Log Rolling Long Jump Luge Medicine Ball Metal Detecting Model Flying Modern Dance Modern Pentathlon Motorcycle Racing Mountain Biking Mountaineering and Climbing Netball Paddle Ball Paint ball Para Gliding Parachuting Pétanque Pool Playing Power Walking Prospecting Racket ball Remote Control Boating River Rafting Rock Climbing Rodeo Riding Roller Skating Rowing Rugby Sailing Scuba Diving Shooting Shot Put Shuffle Board Skateboarding Sky Diving Snooker Snow Biking Snow Boarding Snow Sledding Snowshoeing Soccer Sombo Speed Skating Sport Fishing Sprint Running Squash Stunt Plane Flying Sumo Wrestling Surfing Swimming Synchronized Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo Tchoukball Tennis Track and Field Train Collecting Tree Topping Triathlon Tug of War Volleyball Water Polo Water Skiing Water Snorkling Water Tubing Weight Lifting Wheelchair Basketball White Water Rafting Wind Surfing Wrestling Wushu Yachting Yoga … Read entire article »

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List of US Presidents

A complete list of the Presidents of the United States in chronological order. George Washington (1789-97) John Adams, 1797-1801 (Federalist) Thomas Jefferson, 1801-9 (Democratic-Republican) James Madison, 1809-17 (Democratic-Republican) James Monroe, 1817-25 (Democratic-Republican) John Quincy Adams, 1825-29 (Democratic-Republican) Andrew Jackson, 1829-37 (Democrat) Martin Van Buren, 1837-41 (Democrat) William Henry Harrison, 1841 (Whig) John Tyler, 1841-45 (Whig) James Knox Polk, 1845-49 (Democrat) Zachary Taylor, 1849-50 (Whig) Millard Fillmore, 1850-53 (Whig) Franklin Pierce, 1853-57 (Democrat) James Buchanan, 1857-61 (Democrat) Abraham Lincoln, 1861-65 (Republican) Andrew Johnson, 1865-69 (Democrat/National Union) Ulysses Simpson Grant, 1869-77 (Republican) Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 1877-81 (Republican) James Abram Garfield, 1881 (Republican) Chester Alan Arthur, 1881-85 (Republican) Grover Cleveland, 1885-89 (Democrat) Benjamin Harrison, 1889-93 (Republican) Grover Cleveland, 1893-97 (Democrat) William McKinley, 1897-1901 (Republican) Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-9 (Republican) William Howard Taft, 1909-13 (Republican) Woodrow Wilson, 1913-21 (Democrat) Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1921-23 (Republican) Calvin Coolidge, 1923-29 (Republican) Herbert Clark Hoover, 1929-33 (Republican) Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-45 (Democrat) Harry S Truman, 1945-53 (Democrat) Dwight David Eisenhower, 1953-61 (Republican) John Fitzgerald … Read entire article »

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List of Religions

Following are the most common and popular religions of the world. Aladura Asatru Atheism Baha’i Faith Buddhism Cao Dai Chinese Religion Chopra Center Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) Christian Science Confucianism Deism Druze Eckankar Epicureanism Falun Gong Gnosticism Greek Religion Hare Krishna Hinduism Islam Jainism Jehovah’s Witnesses Judaism Mayan Religion Mormonism (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Nation of Islam New Age New Thought Rastafari Satanism, LaVeyan Scientology Seventh-day Adventists Shinto Sikhism Spiritualism, a.k.a. Spiritism Stoicism Taoism Unification Church Unitarian Universalism Wicca Zoroastrianism     … Read entire article »

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